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WhiteSpace provides a solution to reduce the Digital Divide

The mission of the Whitespace Alliance is to promote the development, deployment and use of standards based products and services as a means of providing broadband capabilities via WhiteSpace spectrum and Spectrum Sharing. By promoting the use of standards, the Alliance will enable companies to provide broadband connectivity at reasonable cost. The WSA will also act as an enabler of the emerging white spaces ecosystem by helping to put in place interoperability, conformance, and compliance testing to make sure that our member stakeholders get the needed information & collaborations to succeed both in the market place and with regulatory requirements. Interoperability specifications will allow multiple vendors to enter the market and help to reduce the costs for the consumers. WhiteSpace Alliance promotes the use of IEEE, 3GPP and IETF Standards for use in the WhiteSpaces.

WSA™ is a registered trademark of the WhiteSpace Alliance.

Wi-FAR™ and WSAConnect™ are the inter-operability specifications developed by the WhiteSpace Alliance. They are also trademarks of the WhiteSpace Alliance.

WhiteSpace Alliance, the developer of Wi-FAR™ and WSAConnect™ interoperability specifications, has a following of more than 200 major commercial, academic, government and regulatory organizations around the world. WSA member organizations benefit from access to technical specifications that decrease development costs; expanded access to global markets, regulators and government agencies; and ongoing marketing support at no additional cost. Consumers benefit from a multi-vendor, interoperable ecosystem that brings down the overall cost of broadband access.

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WhiteSpace Alliance® Member Saankhya Labs Introduces Industry’s First Wi-FAR-Compliant TV White Space Solution to Receive FCC Certification

The WhiteSpace Alliance (WSA)® and IEEE Sign MOU To Advance Low Cost 5G

The WhiteSpace Alliance (WSA)®, applauds US move towards next gen spectrum strategy.

The WhiteSpace Alliance (WSA) ®, Appoints Richard Kennedy Director and Regulatory Liaison.

The WhiteSpace Alliance (WSA) ®, announced that it has published a significant expansion of its test vector format specification for Wi-FAR ® networks.

The WhiteSpace Alliance (WSA) ®, announced that WSA Chairman, will be a featured speaker at the Africa Telecommunications Union (ATU) meeting in Dakar, Senegal in mid-September.

The WhiteSpace Alliance (WSA)®, announces the appointment of Charles Oshunremi as Executive Advisor for Africa.

WhiteSpace Alliance® Publishes Testing Format for Wi-FAR® Certification

WhiteSpace Alliance® Publishes Testing Format for Wi-FAR® Certification

WhiteSpace Alliance® Works with the Government of India to Enable Widespread Broadband Services

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