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12015-08-30WhiteSpace Scenarios, Requirements and Interference Analysis for BrazilSamuel de Souza Lima Moreira and Rômulo Mota Volpato, Inatel
22017-07-15Tutorial on WhiteSpace Standards, Use-cases, Applications and TechnologiesDr. Apurva N. Mody
32015-08-30Make DigitalIndia in India Using TV White SpacesHemant Mallapur, BES India
42014-12-11Research Paper on the Use of White Spaces for Digital IndiaIIT Bombay, WhiteSpace Alliance, CMAI
52014-02-20Standards for WhiteSpaces and Spectrum Sharing to Bridge the Digital Divide - ITU Seminar on Cognitive Radio and White SpacesWhiteSpace Alliance
62014-02-20Japan, IEEE 802.22, IEEE 802.11AF TV White Space Field ExperimentsHitachi Kokusai, NICT
72014-02-20Deployment of TV White Space Technology In El Dorado County, CaliforniaKen Garnett, CTO,, Inc.
82014-02-20University of New Hampshire, Broadband Center of Excellence TVWS TrialsUNH Broadband Center of Excellence
92014-02-20Cambridge TVWS TrialsAdaptrum Inc.
102014-02-20Gigabit Libraries Network - TVWS PilotsDon Means
112013-12-04WhiteSpace Alliance™ Brattle Group Webinar on TV WhiteSpace Availability After the U. S. Incentive AuctionsGuilia McHenry and Coleman Bazelon (The Brattle Group)
122013-10-21ITU-R Working Party 6A WSA CorrectionsGerald Chouinard (Consultant)
132019-03-12Tutorial on WhiteSpacesApurva N. Mody, Oliver Holland
142019-03-11Spectrum .... Be Prepared for SharingApurva N. Mody, Oliver Holland, Julie Knapp (FCC), Jeff Evans (GTRI), Sumit Roy (U. of Washington)
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