Providing Broadband Wireless and Machine to Machine Solutions Using Whitespaces and Spectrum Sharing .... Connecting the Unconnected ...

WhiteSpace Alliance Standards will address a variety of market and policy maker interests. White Space Alliance technologies offer a variety of benefits.

Internet Communications Technology (ICT) & Service Providers
  • Non-Line-of-Sight technology that offer access at a reasonable cost
  • Scales up over a longer period and with single up-front investment--or via existing infrastructure!
  • Larger Coverage Areas than Cellular Internet technologies
  • Channel Bonding & Aggregation: Speeds that scale!
  • Enables rural deployment via minimal & low cost CPE
  • Different Modulation Schemes & Co-existence tools
TV Broadcasters
  • New revenue by delivering Internet services
  • Co-exists with existing broadcast TV service
  • Permits new sustainable revenue business models
  • Allow new content delivery models
  • Can create a more compelling TV experience
  • New uses for spectrum assets
  • Protect spectrum assets via ICT policy "tie in"
  • ICT Enabler for the broadcast industry
Regulators and National Bodies
  • Leverages existing TV infrastructure Investment
  • Repurposes existing spectrum resource without affecting on other uses
  • Enables cost effective coverage & services in very rural regions
  • Delivers the Internet' s social benefits distance learning, telemedicine, etc.
  • Enables international programs with a "world band" of spectrum offering service across many countries
  • Can establish "National ICT Policy Baseline"

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